Sunday, June 12, 2011

EDW presents: beans and greens, elbow edition

I went mountain biking with my pals Lisa and Randy on Wednesday night. We usually do about an 8 mile ride, and Randy gives me tips on biking as we go. I did a really good job-- I made it across the bridge both ways, went through all the creeks, and even made it up without stopping on an incline that normally demands I break for water. Randy and I went on a tiny loop that was new to me, and it was steep, curvy, and hard. And I did it!

At the end of the ride, as we were heading back to the parking lot, I decided to take a risk. There's a drop where the parking lot and trail meet, and I always walk my bike over it. I decided to try riding up it, and I just went for it.

Yeah. I crashed. Apparently you have to hit the lip just right, and Randy didn't know I was going to try it so he wasn't coaching me. I stuck my left arm out to break my fall, and I jammed it pretty hard on the concrete.

Randy and Lisa helped me up, and I really thought I was okay. My wrist hurt a lot, but we all thought it was probably just a strain. I got back on the bike and rode down the road to the cars. By the time the bikes were loaded onto their car (I borrow their spare when we ride), my elbow was starting to throb. As I drove home, I tried to bend my elbow as much as I could, and I noticed that the pain was increasing and my range of mobility was decreasing.

I'll try to wrap this up: I fractured my radial head (think of the cup in your elbow where the radius, one of the forearm bones, connects.) It's a tiny fracture, but it hurt a lot. When I went to urgent care Thursday morning I couldn't move my elbow at all, and just getting the x-rays of my arm was incredibly painful because they had to move it around for different images and views. I saw an orthopedist Friday, and I got a splint. I'll wear it for a week full time except for showering and range of movement exercises 3 times a day, then wean off it and wear a sling. I'm not allowed to do any weight bearing exercises for a month, which means no muscle pump or yoga (and just when I was perfecting my peacock pose!). I can still do one-armed spinning, so at least I'll get to see Lisa and Randy (he's my spin instructor) in the mornings. On the bright side, one-armed spinning seems to make me use my core and legs even more, so that's good.

I'll heal quickly and be good as new in no time.
And yes, I will mountain bike again. Randy's going to teach me to properly climb obstacles on the bike.
I've been encouraged to move my arm, while it's in the splint, as much as possible, but I can't lift anything heavy. I'm right handed, so it's not too bad, but it majorly affects what I can do in the kitchen.

EDW to the rescue!
I had planned on making a variation of beans n' greens with our CSA spinach Friday, and Edwin offered to make it all if I talked him through. I absolutely could have chopped, sauteed, and stirred, but I couldn't have made the beans because I would have had to drain the pot. EDW did all of it, though, partly because he's sweet and partly because I was trying the pain meds the orthopedist prescribed me which made me alternately want to dry heave, vomit or giggle. (Not taking those again, FYI).

Friday afternoon, Edwin made a pot of pinto beans. He used his strong arms and elbows to lift and drain them, and then he portioned them out into 2 cup containers for future use.
Then he chopped everything for pico de gallo, made a batch of quinoa, and sauteed an onion with garlic, spinach, pinto beans and pureed chipotle peppers.

Look how proud he is! Look at his perfectly bent elbows!
This was delicious. We loved the spinach/pinto/chipotle combo, and the quinoa made it seem less like a burrito bowl and more like a fancy entree. I was totally impressed, and I think Edwin was too.
I hope you like it. He made it.


  1. Sarah... You are a TROOPER!!! I am so proud of you for dusting yourself off and getting right back up again! :) Looking forward to riding with you again soon. We will "take it easy" on you when you get back to riding. Besides, who else is going to help me cook this Kohlrabi I just got in my CSA?? LOL!!

  2. You sure know how to rock a sling. ;-) Hope you heal very quickly!