Friday, June 10, 2011

kohlrabi stir-fry

We received 4 kohlrabies in our CSA box this week, and I did what I usually do with new-to-me-to-cook vegetables: I made a stir-fry. I went with kohlrabi stir-fry with chicken or pork,* but I used a block of extra firm tofu instead of the meat.

Mark Bittman writes that kohlrabi is an underrated vegetable, and I completely agree. It has a lovely radish-like texture, but it's sweet and mild. It kindof tastes like broccoli stems, and it's tasty raw or cooked.

The recipe calls for a pound of kohlrabi, but we all know I don't know how much my 4 bulbs weighed. I decided to use the kohlrabi greens as well as the last bit of our daikon radish (no wasting our produce in this household!).

Once my vegetables were chopped and my tofu had been pressed and cubed, I was ready to start. I've said it before and I'll say it again: stir-fries are sometimes a bit labor intensive on the prep, but they come together quickly (and lately, without stress. I'm gaining confidence in my quick cooking technique.)

I lightly fried my tofu in vegetable oil, and then I stirred in fresh ginger. Next came the daikon and kohlrabi with 1/4 cup of water. After a few minutes, I added in the kohlrabi greens, let them wilt, and turned off the heat. Then I stirred in soy sauce, lemon juice, and scallions.
We had the stir-fry with brown rice and a generous squirt of sriracha sauce. EDW and I especially liked the heat from the sriracha combined with the sweet, slightly firm kohlrabi. The daikon added a nice peppery touch, and the greens were very pleasant. I would have actually liked more greens in the stir-fry, but I didn't feel like prepping the kale we had in our fridge from my in-laws (that went to a speltberry lemon tahini lentil bowl the next night).
Edwin and I would happily eat this again.

*Bittman, Mark. The Food Matters Cookbook. "Kohlrabi Stir-Fry with Chicken or Pork." p. 457.

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