Tuesday, June 7, 2011

mint and parsley pesto

I still had lots of mint to use up, even after quinoa tabbouleh, so I made mint and parsley pesto for dinner last night.

The food processor is kind of a pain to clean, but I still get so delighted every time I get to use it. It just makes everything incredibly easy, and I love it.

Things in my kitchen I'm obsessed with:

my food processor
my immersion blender
my salad spinner

Things I wish I could be obsessed with in my kitchen, but I can't because they aren't there:

a really good blender
a le creuset grill pan
a gas stove

Moving on. The pesto! Oh, the pesto!

It's really easy, obvi, because you just dump everything in the processor and blend. It's almost comical how much the ingredients shrink, though. Mint and parsley and oil and garlic and cheese and pine nuts don't take up so much space once they're processed. Here it is in a half cup ramekin (another obsession. I love saying ramekin and I love using ramekins):
I tossed the pesto with some penne I had in the pantry, and we dug in. I wasn't sure how the pesto would be with all the mint, but it was quite lovely. The garlic, parsley, and cheese really balance it out. It's not so much of a minty pasta as a fresh and bright pasta, and we loved it.
EDW and I think we may have preferred it to garlic scape pesto, but we'd have to have them side by side to make a final decision.

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