Tuesday, June 28, 2011

new year's resolution revisited

When I made my new year's resolution this year, it was simply to create at least 1 recipe a month. After 2 months, I was on a sweet potato and curry kick, so I decided to choose a theme for each quarter and work within that ingredient challenge. You saw curried sweet potato soup with kale and black eyed peas, curried sweet potato hash, and curried rice salad.

For the spring quarter, I announced that the theme would be fish and salads. I presented fiesta salad with chipotle tilapia and mango salsa and broiled salmon with napa cabbage salad. As June winds down, I'm officially retiring the theme requirement of my resolution.

Part of goal setting is being flexible, and having to make another fish salad before the end of this week just doesn't make sense. With our CSA, we're getting lots of produce, and I'm trying to use only the box and other pantry staples to make our week's meals. It's making me invent lots of recipes, and I love the creative process (I also love forcing myself to use what's already in my kitchen instead of running out to buy specific items). So far, I've created 16 recipes this year (if you're bad at math, that's way more than 1 a month) and I feel great about it.

This is basically just a long-winded way to say that you won't be seeing a fish salad recipe this week, and I'm forgoing the ingredient themes. You'll still see plenty of fancy created meals-- to catch up on what you might have missed, click on the fancy created label on my side bar.

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