Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of June 27, we received:

Kennebec Potatoes (2 quarts? I really need to figure out what size these green boxes are)
Cherry Tomatoes (1 quart?)
Chinese Eggplant (5: 3 purple, 2 white)
Blueberries (1 quart?)
Patty Pan Squash (4)
Mixed Kale (1 pound? I called it 4 servings if that helps)
Spring Onions (5)
Seedless Cucumber (2)
I didn't do anything special with the blueberries, unless you count shoving them in my mouth at every opportunity special. They were sweet and perfect. Gone by Friday. We also just ate the cucumbers with salads and lunches.

I made spelt berries with garden vegetables, using the tomatoes, eggplant, squash, and spring onions.
When I saw all those potatoes, I panicked a little. While I think like almost all plants (except water chestnuts. vom.), potatoes are probably my least favorite. I know, I know. It's sacrilege for many to even admit that, but the truth is I'm just not crazy about regular potatoes. They're fine, but I will always rather have a sweet potato instead. I knew EDW would be thrilled with our box, because he loves potatoes and I pretty much never buy them.

On Tuesday night I made what Edwin dubbed "Awkward Family Reunion Salad." I roasted some potatoes in olive oil and a Tuscan spice blend my friend Lindsey gave me. While those roasted, I sauteed kale with more of the Tuscan seasoning and then added in cooked chickpeas. Then I mixed in the potatoes and called it dinner. EDW and I were pleasantly surprised with this combo. About the name: Edwin said, "It's like all these ingredients are supposed to go together, but they just don't want to acknowledge it."I used the rest of the potatoes and green onions in a fritatta on Monday night. It was pretty tasty, but I would have preferred it with sweet potatoes.
I was nervous about our box last week because we had friends in town and weren't really cooking at home, but we finished everything up quite easily.

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  1. Hi Sarah!!!! This is my first time stalking/reading your blog. :) Yay. Just wanted to ask, have you ever tried kale chips? They are delish if you haven't. Facebook me if you want the receeeep! ;) Carry on!