Wednesday, August 3, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of July 25, we received:

Bell Peppers (3)
Garlic (2 heads)
White Peaches (8)
Swiss Chard (lots)
Sweet Onions (4 small)
Heirloom tomatoes (4)
Zucchini (4)
Cucumber (4)
EDW and I had a grand time eating mostly cool and refreshing meals all week. The peaches were delicious, but they were quite bruised when I picked up my box. The bruises led to squishy rot, so that wasn't the most fun. We just sliced out the bad spots and enjoyed the rest.

I used some of the tomatoes, a red pepper, and some garlic for gazpacho,
and three of the zucchini went to lemony zucchini risotto.
I made a pasta dish one night with more heirloom tomatoes, chard, garlic, and white beans,
and both cucumbers went into cool cucumber soup.
On Sunday, I roasted the remaining red peppers and threw them into a frittata with the last zucchini and all of the onions. This frittata was fantastic-- it was equally fantastic the next night after my triumphant return to mountain biking (8 sweaty, muddy miles left me feeling exhilarated. No crashes!)

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