Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of August 1, we received:

Blackberries (1 quart)
Corn (8 ears)
Okra (2 LB)
Roma Tomatoes (10 tomatoes)
Snap Beans (2 LB)
Yukon Gold Potatoes (4 LB)
I finally got a kitchen scale. I was sure it'd help me not only be more accurate when developing recipes from the CSA box, but I was also banking on it making me a better baker so I can weigh my flour. Unfortunately, all it did last Tuesday was freak me out when I realized how much produce we've been getting each week. Everything I think feels like a pound turns out to be at least two, and there's something so daunting about "2 pounds of okra" instead of "a lot." I gave myself a pep talk that involved a lot of "You and EDW make it through every week. Who cares if it's more than you thought it was?"

The berries were maybe the best blackberries I ever had. I thought the ones we had at the beginning of July were fantastic, but these blew them out of the water. Edwin and I gobbled them right up.

I used all of the okra and 3 roma tomatoes to make bendi masala,
and Wednesday night I used the green beans and 2 ears of corn to make great green vegetable pasta. I made this dish last August with other vegetables, and I forgot how good cottage cheese can taste in a pasta sauce. I cooked the beans along with the pasta, but I stirred in the raw kernels along with the sauce. I garnished the pasta with more roma tomatoes.
The last of the corn and a potato went into summer white corn soup.
On Sunday, when we were out of everything else, I made a breakfast salad. I roasted some of the potatoes and put them on a bed of spinach with the last of the tomatoes, a red pepper and green onions. I topped the salad with unattractively fried eggs (seriously I wish I could make a pretty fried egg) and salsa.
I did share some of the potatoes with my in-laws. They love potatoes and I don't, and I didn't want to start a habit of hoarding extra produce in the pantry. I will probably end up saving some vegetables as we get further into the fall, since I love sweet potatoes and winter squash and they will definitely last if I don't get around to cooking all of them in a week.

So there you have it. We finished everything with plenty of time to spare. Take that, kitchen scale! The Arnaudins are champion vegetable eaters.

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