Wednesday, August 24, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

I started a new job last week (children's librarian at the North Asheville branch-- come visit!) so cooking and blogging are taking a backseat right now. Even though my week was crazy and we were out of town over the weekend, Edwin and I still had plenty of delicious and mostly undocumented eats this week.

For the week of August 15, we received:

Apples (8)
Edamame (1 LB 4 oz)
Yukon Gold Potatoes (1 LB 13 oz)
Red Bell Peppers (2 giant)
Squash (4)
Grape Tomatoes (2 pints)
When I walked in to the Fresh Quarter on Tuesday, I noticed they had the season's first mutsu apples out. The mutsu is probably my favorite apple, and my pal Kyle let me switch out 4 of the zesty stars that came in my box for 4 mutsus. I didn't want to switch all 8, mostly because I figured the mutsus would still be a bit tart since it's early in the season for them. I was right-- they were tart, but they were also very fantastic. EDW preferred the zesty stars, which worked out, because I find the zesty star to be too soft for my taste. I like a crisp, crunchy apple, so I ate the mutsus and he tackled the zesty stars. (Also, if you ever want to be embarrassed for someone else, come to an apple festival with me. I ask a lot of apple questions and talk a lot of apple.)

So yeah. We ate the apples.

I used the edamame and peppers in an edamame and pepper stir-fry one night.
Later in the week I threw the tomatoes and squash together for a pasta dish. I'm not sure what I did-- it involved olive oil, an onion, some garlic, spinach, nutritional yeast and dried oregano, basil and parsley-- but Edwin loved it. He gave the pasta an A and was sad I only made enough for one round of leftovers.
When we got back to town Sunday night, I roasted the potatoes and turned them into a frittata. We had the frittata over spinach salads, which is my current favorite way to have frittata. I like it when it turns into a salad entree, and this one was good. EDW, of course, was just thrilled to have potatoes.
So there you have it. I'm hoping this next box comes with more apples, and I'm eagerly anticipating the year's first butternut squash and sweet potatoes.

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