Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of August 22, we received:

Apples (4)
Yukon Gold Potatoes (4)
Raspberries (12 oz)
Snap Beans (2 LB)
Tomatillos (1 LB 14 oz)
Tomatoes (4)
Zucchini (2 large)
I was really excited to discover the raspberries, because EDW has been wondering all summer whether we'd get any. I was doubtful, since raspberries seem expensive and slightly exotic, but our CSA came through. The berries were sweet and perfect and from Hendersonville. We loved them.

This week's apples were honey crisp, and while it's not my favorite variety, they were really quite lovely.

I used the snap beans to make great green vegetable pasta, garnished with fresh tomatoes,
and the tomatillos and zucchini went into a skillet creation of tomatillos, zucchini and beans, also garnished with fresh tomatoes.
EDW finished off the last tomato while I was visiting Emmel and avoiding Irene, and I made an awkward curried family reunion salad with the potatoes, kale, and chickpeas.
I'm still eagerly anticipating the arrival of sweet potatoes and butternut squash, and I have been supplementing our haul with extra fall treats from Fresh Quarter. Last week I just had to buy some asian pears, and they were fantastic. I'm thinking I may purchase more again soon.

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