Wednesday, September 7, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of August 29, we received:

Bell Peppers (2 large)
Carnival Squash (2)
Pickling Cucumbers (12)
Peaches (10)
Red Potatoes (3.5 LB)
Tomatoes (4)
I shared some of the potatoes with my in-laws, and EDW and I rationed our peaches through Monday. We started out eating them by themselves and ended up having them in cereal and oats. On Monday, after I'd slurped up the last of my oatmeal with peaches and sunflower butter, I happily declared "I love peachy oats!" I make grand declarations about my morning oatmeal many times a week, but this one was different because I was focusing my praise on the peaches instead of my beloved nut butters.

Several of the cucumbers, two tomatoes, and one bell pepper starred in Tuesday night's easy fancy pasta salad,
and the squash became a mildly unsuccessful carnival squash soup, served alongside a salad with more cucumbers and tomato.
I roasted red potatoes and we mixed them with chickpeas and kale for an awkward family reunion salad,
and the last bell pepper went into a pesto frittata for a rainy Labor Day lunch. We had the frittata with a marinated vegetable salad that used the last tomato, a couple more cucumbers and a spare bell pepper.
The rest of the cucumbers were sliced and sent along with the week's lunches, and everything was finished by Tuesday afternoon.

Bring on more squash! Send me autumn greens!

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