Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of September 5, we received:

Broccoli (1.5 LB)
Collard Greens (1 large bunch)
Okra (1.5 LB)
Tomatoes (6)
Yellow Squash (6 medium)
Asian Pears (4)
If there's one thing that rivals my love of the fall apple selection, it's Asian pears. I'm basically obsessed with them and gobble them as quickly as I can-- and I was thrilled to get 4 in our box this week. I've been supplementing our produce each week and buying apples and Asian pears, so it was nice to have them already included. The pears were gone by Thursday. (EDW and I hit up the farmer's market to visit my favorite apple vendor from Henderson county for a 1/2 peck of apples and a ton of Asian pears)

The collards, okra, 3 tomatoes, and 3 squash went into vegetable soup on Tuesday,
and everything but 1 tomato got roasted for dinner on Friday along with some chickpeas I had on hand. We had the roasted beans and veggies with cheese toast, and I discovered that string cheese does not, in fact, make great toast.
The last tomato went into a salad for dinner Sunday night, when I made lentil and bulgur soup.

We had eggs on Monday night and were quite excited for Tuesday's arrival.

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