Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of September 12, we received:

Butternut Squash (4)
Kale (1 bunch)
Sweet Banana Peppers (7)
Greasy Beans (10 oz)
Ambrosia Apples (7)
Blackberries (1 qt)
If not for the sheer excitement of the first butternuts of the year, I'd say I was slightly underwhelmed by this week's box. Ambrosia apples are far from my favorite variety, and they were sort of a chore to eat through. It was nice to have blackberries, but they weren't as amazing as ones we'd received back in the height of summer. I'm not complaining, though-- we still had lots of good eats throughout the week.

I used the kale and 2 of the butternuts to make a butternut and bean skillet, which we topped with some of the banana peppers.
Greasy beans, as it turns out, are just another type of green beans, and I stir-fried them with tofu in a variation of my spicy stir-fry sauce. We had the stir-fry over udon noodles which made EDW, my noodle loving man, incredibly happy.
I used the remaining butternuts for chili Sunday night. I followed my favorite chili recipe from last year, and used the squash instead of sweet potatoes and 2 cups of pinto beans along with 2 cups of black beans. It was divine.
I know winter squash lasts forever, but I was too excited to save any for later. We ate the rest of the banana peppers with lunches, and the apples and blackberries made nice fruit snacks during the week.

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