Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of September 19, we received:

Corn (8 ears)
Mexican squash (4)
Chinese eggplant (4)
Lemongrass (4 stalks)
Basil (3 oz)
Roma tomatoes (10)
Raspberries (12 oz)
I was originally put off by the box since I had it in my head that I was finished with summer produce, but I ended up turning the vegetables into some really lovely meals. We love when we get raspberries, so that was thrilling. We had those with breakfast, lunch and dinner until they were gone. My favorite use was with my lunchtime yogurt, but they also made pretty spectacular quick treats every time I passed the fridge.

I used the corn to make a beans and greens skillet with pinto beans, spinach, chipotle pepper flakes, taco seasoning and quinoa. Topped with salsa, this was an incredibly quick and satisfying meal.
Two of the eggplant became charred eggplant dip, while the other two went into ratatouille with the squash, tomatoes and basil.
I used the lemongrass in Sunday night's curried coconut soup, and the basil made a lovely garnish for Monday night's pasta.
It was a nice week, but I still want kale and winter squash to start making permanent appearances in our box.

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