Sunday, October 9, 2011


If you've been following for a while, I'm sure you've noticed the recent drop in posts. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure I should be a blogger anymore.

I started my cooking resolutions in 2009 to keep myself accountable in learning to cook. At first, I was trying one new recipe a week. The next year, I vowed to blog about it. This year, I decided to make up more recipes. I've done them all, and I really do feel like I know how to cook now. I'm good at following recipes, but more exciting to me is that I'm good at throwing together a delicious meal on the fly. I have this blog (and my beloved CSA membership) to thank for it.

The thing is though, the writing of the blog posts has become a chore. I feel obligated to take photes of what I cook, and I feel pressure to write about it. I still think it's great fun-- sometimes. So I'm scaling back. I'm not deleting the blog, and I'm not going away forever. But the weekly CSA posts will probably stop, because I'm bored with them, and honestly, does anyone really want to see another version of my latest beans and greens combinations or hear me ruminate on the beauty of sweet potatoes and winter squash?

In case you do, here's two photes from this week. One is sweet potatoes, black beans, and chard. The other is fresh crowder peas (like black eyed peas) and roasted acorn squash with chard over rice. Both delicious. Both created by me. Neither with formal recipe to be shared.
I'm not gone forever. I'm just going back to my true passion in blogging: silently stalking the ones I love.

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  1. Will miss your posts but totally get what you mean. I announced a scale-back on my blog too. I will, however, be seeking your using-the-whole-CSA-box genius when we sign back up for one next spring! :)