Wednesday, October 26, 2011

cheeze sauce

After reading about Angela's cheeze sauce, I not only starred it in my reader but I took the time to email myself the link. The message to me from me with lots of cheezey love has been in my inbox for a few weeks now, and I finally got around to making the basic cheeze sauce over the weekend.

I followed the instructions pretty closely, except I microwaved my almond milk for a minute before stirring in the cornstarch, because I find things dissolve quicker in almond milk if it's not straight out of the fridge cold.

I did a basic there's-not-much-in-my-kitchen-right-now pasta with just whole wheat penne, spinach, and the sauce. And y'all. It was unbelievable.
I won't say it's incredibly cheesey, but it is incredibly creamy and flavorful. It is definitely better than mac and cheese sauce from a box, and I know I'll make it again and again. It helps that I always have the necessary ingredients on hand. It also helps that EDW loved the sauce just as much as I did.

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