Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CSA Wednesday!

For the week of September 26, we received:

Sweet Potatoes (3 LB)
Cabbage (2)
Bell Peppers (4)
Collard Greens (1 LB)
Green Beans (1.5 LB)
Scuppernog and Muscadine Grapes (1 LB 12 oz)
It might have been my favorite box ever. First of all, I love scuppernogs. LOVE them. And muscadines? (pronounced musk-EE-dines if you're cool like me). So good. EDW hadn't had either grape before, and he was quite impressed. Lucky for us, he preferred the muscadines, while I am obsessed with scuppernogs, so sharing was easy. We each took lots to work for lunch, but we got more of the grapes we liked best. Edwin's comment on his first taste of a muscadine? "It tastes like a jolly rancher!"

We didn't do anything special with the peppers, unless you count slicing them up to take at lunch special.

I used some of the sweet potatoes (some were white and some were orange) and collards to make an Arnaudin favorite, curried lentils and sweet potatoes, on Tuesday. It was the best meal of the week, but we always think curry is the best.
One head of cabbage went into Wednesday's dinner, which was just a saute of onion, cabbage, chickpeas and raisins with smoked paprika and cumin. It's an easy meal, and we had ours, as we often do, over quinoa.
I used the green beans to make a pasta on Friday. I parboiled them first, and then I sauteed the beans with earth balance, garlic, and parsley. I also added in a bunch of spinach and the juice of a lemon. We topped ours with nutritional yeast and were quite happy.
On Sunday, I used the remaining cabbage and sweet potatoes to make caramelized onion and cabbage chowder with sweet potatoes and chickpeas.I'm already dreading the end of CSA season, which will be the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. What will I have to look forward to on Tuesdays come December?

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