Friday, November 25, 2011

thanksgiving 2011

My favorite holiday has come and gone, and I have to say, it was a great one.

This past month has been fantastic in terms of cooking, and I'm sorry to report that I haven't missed the blog. I'm still blog stalking and trying new recipes, still creating new dishes and using up the last of the CSA (this week was its last- sob!). I just don't think I'll keep chronicling it all on the blog. So for my farewell (maybe forever, maybe just for now) post, I thought I'd show you Thanksgiving.
Per tradition, EDW and I hosted Thanksgiving. I do everything but pie-- thanks, Arnaudins, for bringing the wine, pumpkin pie and black walnut cake! Also, I don't make gravy. I'm terrible at it. I hate it. So my pals at Earthfare whipped some up and we heated it for the meal. I was told it was delicious. (I was also told the turkey was delicious, but I tried a bite and reaffirmed my decision to not eat meat.)
This was the first year I worked all day Wednesday, and it was also the first year I didn't make a plan and schedule. I (turkey)winged it, and it was perfect. Here's what I made, from scratch. Fun fact: every vegetable you see is local except the brussels sprouts.
Thanksgiving 2011

slow roasted turkey with gravy
autumn harvest dressing with butternut squash, mushrooms and collards
brussels sprouts with figs and blue cheese
roasted green bean salad with toasted pecan vinaigrette
roasted mashed sweet potatoes with parmesan
turnip apple mash with thyme
cranberry sauce
cranberry fig compote
whole wheat oatmeal rolls

pumpkin pie
black walnut cake
whoopped cream
I'm thankful for blogs and leftovers.